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Interview is a type of data collection that involves the interviewer(researcher) gathering information from the participant  by coordinating the conversation. This method basically involves discussion. The interviewer asks relevant question according to the research questions, makes it understood and … Read the rest

Research Methods

Focus Group Discussion

This is a qualitative research method which is used to collect very useful collective views in an interactive setting. It is mostly used interchangeably with group interview.

It is also an organized discussion with a selected group … Read the rest


How to protect Your Work from Plagiarism

  • Restrict your work from access by others through online tools.
  • Post works that you are sure you want to be seen publicly.
  • Make sure to track  how your work is used online.
  • Let
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Built-in Bias

A sample is biased if it is collected in a way that excludes some members of the population that the researcher is seeking to sample.

Examples include:

Self-selected samples like the ones that do pop-up on the PC if you … Read the rest